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our mission

Millions of Americans are struggling financially. When we speak of financial struggles, we are talking about millions of people with middle class lifestyles. These people work, work, work, but have very little in terms of wealth and assets. If they stopped working for any reason, within a few months they would find themselves in the middle of a financial disaster. Most of these people are employees for companies that no longer view them as importantly as companies did in the past. The employee and financial markets in America have changed drastically in recent years. Downsizing, 401-k losses, benefit erosion and many other changes have put millions of Americans in a stressful financial situation.

Debt to Wealth, Inc. (DTW) was created by a group of financial experts to provide strategies for these Americans to navigate their way to financial success. DTW is in the empowerment business. We empower our associates through education and financial strategies.

One of the great things about money and wealth is that it does not go away, it simply changes hands. Typical Americans are losing up to 33% of their income to taxes and 20% of their income to interest on debt. Armed with the proper knowledge, Americans can learn to minimize their taxes, eliminate their debt and increase their net earnings in their household. Our goal is to empower middle class Americans to shift income and wealth lost to debt, taxes, and corporate abuse back to their own wallets.

Applying the strategies of minimizing expenses, minimizing taxes, increasing income, reducing debt and smart investing can change your life and make you financially free in just 36 to 60 months. The strategies require no major out of pocket expense and can easily be applied by anyone.

Congratulations on taking this initial step to educate and empower yourself to financial success.

Tanya Gray CEO & President Debt to Wealth, Inc.